First memory of your life…

What’s your first memory you can remember?

I think it can be quite tricky to know exactly what is our ever first memory, because as a child we don’t really have a very good time notion.

As for me, there were times when I thought my first memory has been when I first started taking private English classes with a teacher. I was around 4 and I have some photos. Then, when I look to other photos I have from when I was little, I remember when my father took a photo with me and a big snow tunnel that he built for me. And then I think that maybe that is my first memory…

When we try to think and come up with a first memory as an adult, we might go back to some of our memories and based on what we were doing at a time, we decide which memory was the first.

What do you think? Can you say which was your first memory as a child?





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