Counting your blessings…

Can you count all your blessings?

One of our first blessings would be to be able to wake up every morning. Then we can extend the list with breathing, being able to see the sunny days, listening to music, read blogs, watch our favourite TV Shows, meet friends, have amazing family, have access to good food, have options to choose from, have a good job or a great business and the list can go on and on.

There are days when we feel it’s raining even if it’s sunny outside; we might feel we are in a negative rat race and don’t know how to find a moment of peace.

We are constantly being thrown sad events or news around the world. Consuming these types of things or having a not so good day may add up to our negative perspective on life and many people get depressed.

When we are in the middle of a negative thoughts hurricane, it’s time to stop the negative thinking and start to count the blessings in our lives.

Being grateful for the things we have at the moment will give us another perspective on life.

Can you think of a few things you are grateful for?





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