Future/Past message sent…

What message would you send in the past/future to someone or even to your younger/older self?

Regarding the message in the past, you can’t change what happened, but you can give a good advice to someone that is younger than you and could go through a similar situation that you had.

We may feel that we wished that we would tell our younger self that we shouldn’t have had worried so much as it wasn’t a huge problem or that eventually we’ll get through that not so good situation and life will improve, will be better and we will smile again.

As in regard to the future message, we can still do something about it and if we are not happy with how our present is, then we have the power to change that. We have an incredible strength to go through so many things and still be strong; we can tell ourselves that we will grow as an incredible human being that can do great things we thought we can’t and also, we can have an amazing effect on someone else lives.

What are your past and future messages you want to send to yourself?





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