Afraid of change…

Are you afraid of change?Change can be terrifying sometimes, as we don’t have any idea how things will turn out. It can be in any aspect of our lives, either work, friends, relationships, place to live, food, university etc.As we start to shift things around and think about the positive aspect of the change, it can mean opportunity and great place to start growing and build an amazing life.We go through a few changes throughout our lives and it depends on us if we see them as a burden or as an opportunity. We might get challenged a lot sometimes and be disappointed that it didn’t worked out as we thought, but if we change the other side of the coin, we may realise how much we would have lost if we didn’t have the courage to try that in the first place.I think everyone is afraid of change in a way or another, but it’s worth the try than have the regret of not trying.What do you think of change?



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